My Songs


My first song is about Miss Gonzalez, my first Spanish teacher, who actually exists, although to this day I don't know what her real name is - as far as the surname is concerned. I simply called her Miss Gonzalez to make it clear that we are here in the land of guitar sounds and castanets. Olé!

And she was and probably still is damn pretty, and so the story revolves around a somewhat naive and dreamy student who fell both madly and hopelessly in love with his attractive teacher, sinking more and more into his dream world instead of studying Spanish grammar.

A story that is not entirely true, but not purely invented either.

Miss Gonzales

Miss Gonzales

Una profesora de Espanol
Ein Lied über eine Spanischlehrerin
Intro: Piano y Saxophon

¿Hablas Espanol?

¡Si, si, un poquetito!

¿Como estas?

¿A donde vas?

¡Un momentito!

¿Vamos a la playa?

¿Por un cafecito?

No tengo dinero. Soy pobrecito.

¡¡¡Es pobrecito!!!

Pero mi corazon esta muy abiertopor las palabras de mi profesora espanola.

Cuando la vi, la primera vez, en la pizarra, y un, dos, tres, mis ojos han pegado a su boca.

Miss, Miss Gonzalez, mi profesora espanola con sus sonrisas imortales, me queda amoroso ... y celoso.

Miss, Miss Gonzalez, conoce muchas cosas, cuales son importantes por infantes, primero: ¡Motivivacion¡

Primero motivivacion, motivacion en Babylon, motivacion en Babylon!

¡Mas, mas motivivacion!

¡Mas, mas motivivacion!

¿Donde esta ... Miss Gonzalez

¡No he visto toda la manana su cara radiante!

Queria saber tan muchas cosas … lingual.

Necesito un consejo …¡fundamental!


Y en mi dulces suenos iremos a La Palma,a un isla muy romantica y calma Y cuando mano a mano subimos al vulcano en caminos misteriosos y sin plano .

Miss, Miss Gonzalez .

By the way, the word "motivivación" does not exist in Spanish, but is pure poetic freedom. "Babylon" is a recurring theme in my songs and symbolises our time. For a time and a world of immeasurable and constantly increasing confusion as well as an indescribable extent to which everything and everyone can be bought.

And so I don't see myself as a pop singer who just wants to make a bit of trallala and good humour, even though I love to ironically pull the wool over the eyes of all the depravity and mendacity of official politics and the media. And that's exactly what my next song is about.


Babylon (estoy borracho)


Ich bin besoffen - I am drunk

Una cancion en el estilo de Reggae

Ein Lied im Reggae-Stil

Quiero contar una historia religiosa.


Una historia del arbol de la cognicion. Una historia de una ciencia desconcertada, que no save nada el hambre del mundo real.

Hambre del mundo real.

Yo estoy borracho o perdido en el mundo de ideas con mi porro.

Yo estoy cautivo, un deplazado del systema enredado ... de Babylon.

Ba-by-lon. De Babylon.


Yo quiero mucho y yo quiero al dinero.

El di-ne-ro.

Por el dinero lo ha hecho todo, lo que tiene calidad por eso todo lo que necesitamos es mas dinero ... mas, mas, mas y no veo no problema.

Yo estoy borracho o perdido en el mundo de ideas con mi porro.

Yo estoy cautivo, un deplazado del systema enredado ... de Babylon.

Ba-by-lon. De Babylon.


La victoria de democracia es mi gran esperanza.


Por el dinero lo ha hecho todo, lo que tiene calidad la diferencia de derecho y izquierda no he comprendido es una cienca muy especial y yo soy estupido.


Yo estoy borracho o perdido en el mundo de ideas con mi porro.

Ba-by-lon. De Babylon.

The next song is again inspired by my very personal life. It is about little Louana, a child from my neighbourhood, whom I already got to know in the form of her mother's pot belly.

To this day, she is a ball of love, and I just can't get enough of her sweet kisses. At the same time, she is so tough, runs barefoot over gravel roads and even when she has fallen and her head is bleeding, everything is soon forgotten. Especially if you can cheer her up with a few crude jokes.

And how she can laugh then, how crude and dirty and how triumphant is indescribable. You have to hear it, just as there are many things that cannot be described in words. Or who could describe what Chinese food tastes like, for example.

In my fourth Spanish song, I sink deep into my own dream world and into a dream so big that sometimes I feel like I've become megalomaniac. It's the dream of a new city that, since I've been living here on Fuerteventura, has gradually grown up in my imagination.

And since I am not only a musician and composer, but also an architect and visionary, the essential basic ideas and "hang-ups" of this urban planning are also depicted in drawings in the architecture section. Because in this case, too, words cannot describe everything.

But just as strange things sometimes happen and mix in dreams, this song not only sings about this beautiful new city, but is also about lost love and the eternal search for the ideal. On the one hand sad and frustrating, on the other hand there is no real progress without orientation towards the ideal.

Musically, this song comes very close to my own ideal, a successful blending of major and minor, of sad and melancholic sounds on the one hand, and powerful and triumphant sounds on the other. A blend that also constitutes tango music, with which I came into contact more than twenty years ago and which has moved me ever since and in the truest sense of the word. Latin American dance culture dominates the whole world in a positive way!


Cuando desperte de mi sueño...


Als ich aus meinem Traum erwachte
When I woke up from my dream

Cuando desperte de mi sueno, habias desaparecido y contigo esa hermosa nueva ciudad.

Siempre te vi tan feliz conmigo, en nuestro barrio colorido, lleno de belleza y de amistad.

Y no pasaba ni una sola noche sin buena música de cualquier lugar.

Y la segui a, segui la música, siempre la música había seguido.

Y a la corte del rey llegando, toda la gente estaba bailando.

Ahh ... al corte del rey ... Ahh ... llegando.

Y cuando te vi bailando por primera vez con esas piernas perfectas bailando.

Y cuando te vi bailando la ultima vez.

Y poco despues te estaba buscando.

Estaba siempre buscando.

Calle Entresalas 30B
35627 Costa Calma